Setup Menus in Admin Panel


Choose an employee from a quick list


Add a note & choose the monetary fund


The employee is notified and redeems points

Effective employee recognition programs from Perk Vibes can ignite purpose and potential in your team. Our process is easy!


1. Create your company account


2. Add your employees, associates and clients


3. Award points


4. Monthly settlement

Why Perk Vibes?

When it’s easy, people use it.

And that means more of the employees in your organization get the recognition they deserve.

Recognition is interactive, personal, and fun.

Performance reports show you how recognition is impacting your business.

Recognition is tied to your values.

Our platform is robust, flexible and customized to reflect your brand.

Find 1000’s of employee awards options.

Our award collections are expertly selected to send the right message within your budget.

The most important aspect of any business is trust.

Perk Vibes values transparency, which means no hidden fees or ‘gotchas’ in our contracts.

With Perk Vibes, employees will:

  • Get helpful notifications and call-to-actions to guide them through the day
  • Track personal performance in real time
  • Monitor goals and learn how to reach them
  • Join challenges and activities to improve performance and win awards on the platform
  • Get instant feedback and coaching. Engage with and learn from colleagues
  • Access personalized training content whenever and wherever they need
  • Redeem points for awesome prizes
  • Get business pricing discounts available to registered customers
  • Quantity discounts on multi-unit purchases on select products

Perk Vibes Comes with Host of Benefits that Super-Charge Employee Recognition and Rewards

Employee rewards

We offer many types of employee rewards. Staff can redeem with points and purchase on our platform at no additional cost.


Employee badges & points

You can use the well-designed badges and change the characteristics of those employee recognition badges & points.

Employee award certificates

When recognition is created, you can print off an employee award certificate that represents that recognition.

Employee engagement strategy

Build stronger, happier staff through monthly check-in meetings on a monthly basis with recognizing team members.

Set & track employee goals

You can set & track goals for your team members and make sure employees are checking-in their goal progress regularly.

Staff leaderboards

Customize the leaderboards to focus on the user, teams, or overall throughout your company.

Members' Marketplace

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